Cat Rescue & Drone Recovery in Hampshire, Surrey & Berkshire.



Cat Rescue

Cats and kittens can climb trees with relative ease, but when it comes to getting down, they can run into difficulty. In fact, when they struggle to get down, they often end up climbing higher and higher as it is much easier to go up than down.

Over the years, the tree surgeons at County Tree Care have completed many cat rescues. Rescuing a cat from a tree is not a simple task, and we have developed some unique techniques to retrieve your cat safely.

We DO NOT recommend attempting to rescue the cat yourself as you are likely to fail, and it could lead to serious injury. A successful cat rescue will require both hands and experience in climbing trees. Our tree surgeons use ropes and a harness to free up their hands and ensure they are safe.

So if you have a cat stuck in a tree, contact us today!! We’ll do everything we can to get them down safely, quickly and back in your arms.

Drone Recovery

In recent years the popularity of drones has skyrocketed. Drones are great for taking unique panoramic photos and videos, but they can quickly become stuck in a tree if the operator flys to close.

While you may be tempted to start climbing the tree to receive the drone yourself, this is very dangerous, and you may be putting your life at risk. Trees are natural living organisms, the surfaces are uneven, and branches can have fractures or disease. One false move and the retrieval of your drone will be the least of your worries. To ensure your safety and the quick return of your possessions its best to call in the professionals.

Our experienced arborists can climb almost any tree and have the necessary equipment to have it down in no time at all! Contact County Tree Care today, and we’ll get your drone back and ready for action.

Based in Fleet, we offer our Cat Rescue & Drone Recovery services in Hampshire, Surrey, Berkshire and across the South-East.