County Tree Care – Commercial Tree Surgery


At County Tree Care, much of our success has come in the commercial sector, serving customers throughout the Hampshire, Surrey and Berkshire regions. Our experience working with commercial clients has seen us take on projects of all shapes and sizes, from one off emergency tree work to ongoing maintenance contracts.

Based in Fleet, we offer a complete one stop shop service for commercial tree surgery in Hampshire and are fully qualified and insured to work at hospitals, schools, office grounds and a range of public/council funded spaces. We offer tree surgery in Fleet, Camberley, Farnborough, Woking and throughout the surrounding counties.


Providing Commercial Tree Surgeon Services


After receiving your enquiry, we’ll work with you to understand your next project by starting with a free consultation and providing a detailed quotation. We offer a wide range of professional services that include:

Tree Felling And Tree Removal | Whilst tree felling is often seen as a last resort, commercial tree surgery in Hampshire is often essential to preserve the aesthetics and safety of your space. Of course, tree relocation is also available if you’d rather not lose your tree altogether.

Tree Pollarding | This extreme form of pruning is essential for some trees to flourish. They are usually stripped right back to the trunk, allowing you to restrict the overall height as it gets older.

Tree Pruning | Regular pruning will help to keep your trees looking beautiful all year round whilst ensuring that any disease is spotted and dealt with early.

Formative Pruning | Formative pruning  is a great way to encourage your tree to grow in a certain way from a very young age. It will help to avoid bio-mechanical issues further down the line which can be both an eyesore and costly to repair.

Crown Reduction & Crown Reshaping | Trees that have outgrown their boundaries or become too large to be considered safe, can benefit from crown reduction and crown reshaping.

Crown Lifting | Lift the crown of your tree to raise its canopy, increasing air and light flow through the lower regions.

Deadwood Removal | Deadwood can quickly become a problem for trees as they can provide a breeding ground for a number of diseases. Removing deadwood will help to improve the overall health of your tree whilst helping it to continue looking beautiful.

Emergency Tree Work | Unsafe trees can be a nightmare for businesses, particularly if it’s affecting the staff’s ability to carry out there jobs. County Tree Care can quickly carry out emergency tree work, helping you to keep your outdoor space safe.