Tree Stump Removal & Stump Grinding in Hampshire, Surrey & Berkshire.



When a tree is felled, you are inevitably left with a stump. Stumps can either be left to decay over time or removed using hand tools or machinery such as a stump grinder. If you plan to develop a particular area, or would like to plant something new in its place, then removal is the obvious option.

County Tree Care has removed hundreds of stumps throughout Hampshire, Surrey, Berkshire and London. Stump grinding can be very dangerous but rest assured, our team has the training and experience to remove stumps both safely and efficiently. We use protective equipment such as projectile guards and boast £10m of public and employee liability cover.

Our range of stump grinders enables us to remove almost any stump in any location. We have a large tracked machine for the big stumps with good access. But, where access is an issue, we have the handheld alpine magnum which can be carried through a doorway and used on an incline.

We grind the tree stump buttress (main body) to an agreed depth between 15cm and 30cm. Removal of any surrounding lateral roots is a separate task and must be agreed with us beforehand.

Following the removal of the stump, the hole will then be back-filled with the soil and arisings; the arisings will breakdown and level off over time.

For County Tree Care, Customer satisfaction is paramount, and we promise the removal of your stumps with minimum disruption to your day and your surroundings.

Based in Fleet, we serve Hampshire, Surrey, Berkshire and London. We most often work in Camberley, Farnborough, Farnham, Ascot, Reading, and Basingstoke, but we are happy to provide our Tree Stump Removal and Stump Grinding Services across the south-east.

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