Tree Felling & Removal In Hampshire, Surrey & Berkshire.



County Tree Care are happy to our provide professional tree felling services across the South-East. Based in Fleet, our fully insured arborists have the training and experience to fell and remove any tree in Hampshire, Surrey, Berkshire and beyond.

A tree may need to be felled or wholly removed for numerous reasons. But most commonly a tree will be removed when its deemed unsafe or if the tree is in an unsuitable location. A tree may also need removing if it becomes diseased; this is to prevent it from infecting any surrounding trees.

We have felled many trees in small and awkward spaces, meaning we have the skill and ability to tackle complicated projects with minimal disruption to the surrounding areas.

There are two ways of felling a tree, the more common Sectional Felling and the less common method of Straight Felling. We will discuss the pros and cons of each below.

Sectional Tree Felling or Sectioning

Sectional felling is the dismantling of a tree in sections; we climb the tree and use ropes and rigging techniques to control each piece down to the ground.

This method of felling is most useful in confined, or urban areas, where damage could be costly. It takes more time than straight felling, but it helps to minimise the risk of damage to property.

Our qualified tree surgeons are highly skilled in sectional tree felling and have the experience to deal with trees in the most awkward locations.

Straight Tree Felling or Directional Felling

Straight Tree felling is where the tree is cut the base and allowed to fall as a single section. Various techniques and tools are used to control the direction of the fall.

This procedure is common practice for small to medium-sized trees, where less space is needed, and the risk of damage is minimal.

For larger trees, this method of felling is rarely carried out in built-up areas simply because too much space would be required, and the risk is too high.

Whether you have a small fruit tree in your garden or towering pine in a forest, our arborists have the expertise to straight fell trees of any size.

They assess each project individually and will choose the safest and most appropriate felling method for the tree and its location.

County Tree Care staff are NPTC trained and have both the skill and knowledge to remove any tree of any size in a safe and controlled manner.

Once the tree felling is complete, we can also remove the stump and dispose of the waste in an environmentally friendly manner.

Based in Fleet, we serve Hampshire, Surrey, Berkshire and London. We often work in Camberley, Farnborough, Farnham, Ascot, Reading, and Basingstoke, but we are happy to provide our expert Tree Felling & Removal Services across the south-east.