Tree Surgeon Frimley


The importance of using a professional tree surgeon Frimley cannot be overstated. Our commitment to delivering safe, professional and high quality tree surgery has seen us helping hundreds of residential and commercial customers across the region.

Whether you need a tree removed, relocated or simply require professional maintenance to keep your outdoor space looking beautiful, County Tree Care can help.

Residential Tree Surgeon Frimley

Aside from helping our customers to maintain their gardens, we also want to educate people on the services that we offer, helping you to better understand the processes that can be carried out at your home.

Let’s take a look at the Frimley tree surgeon services that we offer across the county.

Tree Felling and Removal

Removing trees is often seen as a last resort but Frimley tree removal can be an essential job that can help to take care of dangerous trees or to open up the space in your garden.

Tree Pruning

Tree pruning in Frimley can help to keep your trees in tip top shape by making sure that oversized canopies are kept under control, saving larger maintenance work further down the line. It can help light to reach different parts of your garden and open up space for other flora to grow into.

Tree Pollarding

Frimley tree pollarding is a process designed to thin out the upper areas of your trees on a regular basis. This can not only help to preserve the aesthetic shape of your trees but can also help to extend its longevity by maintaining clear airways.

Emergency Tree Work (24 hour call out)

As much as ongoing maintenance can help increase the safety of your garden area, there will always be times when emergency tree work Frimley is needed to help alleviate a problem tree. We’re available at short notice to help move unsightly or dangerous trees, protecting both you and your property.

Tree Stump Removal / Stump Grinding

Stump grinding in Frimley is a job that requires both expertise and the correct machinery. Trying to remove unwanted tree stumps on your own can lead to lawn damage whilst still taking the risk that the stump may not be fully removed. Our fully trained staff use are equipped to use the very latest tools and can advise on the best course of action for Frimley stump removal.

Hedge Trimming & Maintenance

Whether your hedges are the ornamental or serve as the boundary of your garden, it’s incredibly important that they’re looked after in order to preserve their beauty and effectiveness. Our Frimley hedge maintenance service is extremely popular and can be carried out on a contractual or ad hoc basis.

Planting – Trees, Shrubs & Plants

If you’re looking to change the design of your garden but don’t wish to lose your existing trees then we’re able to remove and replant them with a minimum of fuss. We can also advise and implement the planting of new flora and will always let you know how best to maintain their long term health.

Site & Garden Clearance

Whilst we’ll always remove any waste from the properties in which we carry out our work, we’re also able to provide Frimley site clearance if you have unwanted garden waste taking up space.

Commercial Tree Surgeon Frimley

Our excellent reputation within the market has seen us working with both commercial and residential clients in Frimley. Our commercial tree surgery service extends to hospitals, office blocks, civic spaces and a plethora of other commercial buildings.

Contact Us today to arrange a consultation regarding any of our services and receive a free, no obligation quotation from one of our tree surgery professionals.